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Bigfoot Kick was created to make fun designer apparel with a purpose. To build something to believe in. To help anyone realize their passion and make a living from it. We’re also here to support our wildlife and protect animals across the world. By helping us spread the word, you can help make all these things come to life.

Believe in your gear. That’s our motto. It’s not just a cool, catchy phrase thought up by some wunderkind marketing person. Well, yes it is, but it is also has bite. Real purpose. Here’s how:

Quality Apparel

We focus on quality made apparel. It’s a lot easier to go cheap. But we won’t ever make something we wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing on a night out and that we haven’t tested, worn, washed, and rocked. We also work with recycled and organic garments, eco-friendly inks, sustainable shipping partners, and closed-loop factories that pay living wages

Diversity and Inclusion

We work with diversity and inclusion at the forefront. That means minority owned suppliers, artisans, and businesses wherever possible. We want Bigfoot Kick to be a platform that can amplify voices and get everyone involved.

For the Planet

We support and protect our planet. We are proud members of 1% for the Planet, a global organization combating the real challenges we—and our furry friends—face.

Ethical Spending and Growth

We are trying not to spend ad dollars on social media platforms. It’s easy to setup an ad and target an audience and get sales. But we’d rather not continue to support platforms that make it easy to spread hate, erode self confidence, kill our attention span, and even damage our mental health. Not all social media is bad and it can inspire, uplift, and be fun. So we will share updates, photos, and product launches to keep our fans in the know but limit our monetary commitment.


We Need You

That’s where you come in. We need your help to do all of this. By becoming an affiliate, you can earn commission on all purchases (excluding shipping, taxes, and returns) made through your affiliate link. Yup, anytime you share Bigfoot Kick with your friends, family, or website network - you can earn money. And help make a difference.

You can feel good at the end of the day believing in your gear too. Knowing you helped donate money to save our planet and all its wildlife and resources. That your support may also just have helped some small business…stay in business. 


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