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Bigfoot Kick Presents Beastland by Art by Collin

Welcome to Beastland. 

Beastland™  is an immersive world set in the BigfootKickverse - a mythical wilderness teeming with powerful roaming creatures, unknown terrain, and uncharted territories. A land that represents the journey to find your passion. A journey filled with fear and monsters - both real and imagined, where the battle rages and survival depends upon your ability to transform your mind and find your inner power. 


This collection draws out that raw inner power, that feeling of going Beast, overcoming your challenges, and winning. We incorporated creatures real and imagined, a fresh new color palette, and created a visual identity to tie it all together. To take this from concept to creation, we tapped the crazy talented Art by Collin, a Portland-based artist and creator and avid Batman enthusiast. 

Let's dive in and take a closer look at some of the elements that make up Beastland.


The Harlequin Toad 

I researched wild and strange animals to build the Beastland universe when I came across this little creature. The first image that popped up was this crazy pink and black frog that I knew immediately would become the backbone for Beastland. The color range was so crazy to me. Oranges, yellows, blacks, and browns. Some are neon. And per usual, I started to draw from nostalgic inspiration and landed on one of my favorite video games to play as a kid - Battletoads - a crazy 90s game widely regarded as one of the most challenging ever. And what better way to highlight this threatened - and stunning - creature than to mash it up with a cult classic. I love how Collin took all of this and ran with it. He nailed that pink and black color and added that fierce battle element with the arrows and Samurai-style helmet. The design is set on a tan crewneck, a staple color garment in the Bigfoot Kick universe. It's such a diverse color and brings out the angles and color dimension of the art. The toad also comes on a lightweight sweatshirt for chilly days or layering. 


Beastland Harlequin Toad

The Underwater Panther

Escaping the natural world for the mythical, next up is the Underwater Panther. I was first toying with something like a Phoenix or Griffin but felt those didn't have the "it factor" I wanted. I also wanted to use something that wasn't as well known so that we could make it our own for Beastland. I was scouring beasts from folklore and fables when I found it. The underwater panther. Half-panther. Half-serpent. I was getting "half-man, half-amazing" vibes. The lore around this creature is pretty wicked too and appears in several Indigenous cultures, featured on rock paintings with long scaley tails and serpents underneath. The creature carries many names and can be translated as "the fabulous night panther" or the "great underground wildcat". One of the fascinating stories I found was from the Ojibwe, a tribe that lived in the Great Lakes region of the US and Canada. Called, Mishipeshu, the underwater panther was said to be caught in the 1700s by a missionary, Father Paul LeJeune. They believed keeping it captive would cause harm and ill will, so they released the catch. 

This belief drives the fascination with one of Beastland’s most ferocious beasts, a mythical and wild creature that is alive and untamed, unable to be held captive.


Beastland Underwater Panther


The Beastland Logo

Tying the collection together is the visual identity of Beastland. The main logo is made of two parts, a compass and the signature wordmark. 


Beastland Logo

The Beastland compass represents navigating through an unknown world, ever mindful of the various beasts that are lurking, alive and untamed. The font features a nod to one of the more iconic beasts of all time - the Kraken. 

For this collection, we have partnered with Re:wild and will donate a part of our sales to support them in helping restore the wild - for all beasts and their homes across the globe.