Bigfoot Kick Taps Johnny Greenteeth to Kick Off Lost Species Collection - Bigfoot Kick

Bigfoot Kick Taps Johnny Greenteeth to Kick Off Lost Species Collection

The latest Bigfoot Kick collections explores the world of lost species, focusing on unique and sometimes odd creatures that have either been lost to science or are facing serious risk of becoming extinct. We took this collection up a notch by introducing our latest hoodie innovation - the all-new Yeti Knit. 


Bigfoot Kick Lost Species by Johnny Greenteeth


What determines a lost species?

According to Re:Wild, a global organization that protects animals and natural habits, a lost species is one that has been lost to science for at least ten years—and in some case—even hundreds of years. Through research and conservation efforts, scientists and explorers are in fact finding species that were once thought to be extinct. Since 2017, Re:Wild has helped find 12 animals that were once thought to be gone from the history books.


Bigfoot and the lost species connection

The Bigfoot Kick ethos is in exploring the intersection of our natural and human -made world. The crossover between the outdoors and our cityscapes. It’s about staying curious and in adventure mode. And that is what is so exciting about finding species that we either thought were gone—or that we didn't know existed in the first place.

Could Bigfoot be a lost species? A species that once roamed the earth, thought to be extinct, just waiting to be found. Or could Bigfoot be an entirely new species, hiding in the dense fog and shadows of the world’s remote forests? While it may seem farfetched, science continues to surprise us with new discoveries every day and the quest of continued exploration is helping us uncover fresh evidence of a world we have only begun to understand.


Bigfoot Kick Fam, meet Johnny Greenteeth

To kickoff the lost species clothing collection, Bigfoot Kick tapped London-based artist Johnny Greenteeth to create the first pieces. Johnny’s unique and bold style coupled with his fascination of folklore and mythical creatures was a perfect choice to headline this drop. The first creature to be featured is a Chinhai spiny newt, a critically endangered species that is at risk of being lost to science forever. The artwork features two spiny newts in a stunning two-tone color way, adorned in full display on Bigfoot Kick’s signature 100% Pima cotton shirts and a stand-alone spiny newt, brilliantly embroidered on our new Yeti Knit hybrid hoodie.


Bigfoot Kick Johnny Greenteeth Shirt


Yeti Knit Hoodie - Bigfoot Kick

It’s a two-punch collection that will add comfort and serious style to your wardrobe game, support super dope artists from around the world, and most importantly - raise awareness for amazing creatures that remain at risk.

We’ll be donating 1% of our sales from this collection directly to Re:Wild to help continue their quest to find more species that have been lost. And maybe even discover a whole new creature, like Bigfoot. 

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