Spring Sightings 2021


If you prefer to swim in one mundane lane or follow the rigors of routine, you might want to keep it moving. No hard feelings, chuck the deuces and good luck to you.

If you’re a rebellious spirit, destined for eccentric expression with an inkling to explore the uncharted expanses of the human experience, then welcome home.

Bigfoot Kick was created with two things in mind. Mythical creatures and martial arts. Ok yes, but really it began with the combo of fun, wild, artistic graphics on really comfortable, high-quality shirts. 

Too often you either get quality gear that’s pretty bland with a stupid high price tag and no personality, or dope art on cheap, rough, or uncomfortable shirts. Until now. 

We’ve perfected comfortable, go-anywhere, do-anything shirts and hoodies with a unique style that’s exquisitely weird and a lot wild.