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Protect the Wild - The Keep Bigfoot Hidden Tee

Keep Bigfoot Hidden

We're excited to announce our newest graphic tee - a collaboration with Mad Goat Studio - to support ongoing planetary conservation efforts. 

Protect the Wild Keep Bigfoot Hidden News

We're talking lions. Turtles. Tasmanian devils. Pink iguanas. And of course, the most famous cypto creature of them all - Bigfoot. The Keep Bigfoot Hidden Tee is a brand effort to raise awareness and dollars to protect our natural wildlands - rivers, oceans, forests, and jungles - so that our precious and endangered species can thrive in their homes. 

We're donating a portion of sales from this tee to support Re:Wild, a global nonprofit with a mission dear to BFK's heart. for every $1 donated, Re:Wild can generate over $100 in environmental benefit. And 100% of the donation goes directly to the people and places that can benefit the most from biodiversity. Here's a couple highlights of impact:


  • 180 million acres actively conserved. 
  • 100 endangered actively protected.
  • 47 conservation areas created.
  • 16,000 species benefited
  • 400 partners in 88 countries


Let's make an impact together. By rocking some fresh gear you can help restore our planet, save our wildlife, and keep Bigfoot Hidden.

Playing around in the Keep Bigfoot Hidden Tee
Standing by a canoe in the Keep Bigfoot Hidden Tee

1% for the Planet

 Bigfoot Kick is a proud member of the global organization representing businesses, individuals, and nonprofits tackling our planet's most pressing issues. Through our membership, we get connected to awesome organizations and can donate directly to their efforts. We're super excited to support Re:Wild through our connection with 1% for the Planet. We believe in the protection and conservation of our natural resources - our wildlands and wildlife - to help keep our ecosystems healthy and give plenty of hidden areas for our namesake to stay hidden. 


An Excerpt From Re:Wild

 Re:Wild launched in 2021 combining more than three decades of conservation impact by Leonardo DiCaprio and Global Wildlife Conservation, leveraging expertise, partnerships and platforms to bring new attention, energy and voices together. Collectively with our partners in more than 50 countries, in 2020 alone we worked to conserve over 45 million acres of wild places and to reverse the plight of 835 threatened species.