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Why We Chose 1% for the Planet


Bringing Purpose to Product

We all grow up dreaming of being something. Often it's an actor or sports star. Some have more noble aspirations. Doctors. Lawyers. Maybe president.

For me, it was a zoologist. Yup, I loved animals. Tigers, lions, birds, and sharks. I was fascinated by the interconnectedness of ecosystems. I marveled at the biodiversity of Mt. Kilimanjaro. I even made a replica of it for a social science project.

I also found myself captivated by 'Unsolved Mysteries' episodes of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. I watched every Discovery and Nat Geo documentary I could. I researched. I fantasized. I was determined to save up my chore money, travel to Scotland, camp on the shores of the loch, and discover Nessie.

Welp. None of that happened. Instead, life's journey took me on many different paths, but you know what they say. You can take the jungle out of the boy, but you can't take the book out of Mowgli. Or something like that. Spoiler, I didn't become a zoologist. But, I never lost my passion for the animal kingdom. I didn't lose my interest in cryptozoology, either.

I've always admired companies that do more than their product or service. That recognizes the pure-bred mindset of "we only exist to enrich our shareholders" is a middle-finger to all life. I believe universities and Harvard white papers call this called shared value. I say it's just being a concerned person and realizing we are all in this together.

So it was easy knowing our business had to mean something more. That it had to give back and help in some way. It was also easy tracing back all those things I loved and cared about growing up. The hardest part was finding the right avenue for it all to come together.

After careful research and thought, we made the call to use our business and platform, no matter how small or big and successful, to support the earth, its wildlife, and to make an impact. That's why we decided to become members of 1% for the Planet, a worldwide organization dedicated to connecting like-minded people to protect our home. Every last mile of it.



As a customer, you have the choice and spending power to go anywhere you like. We get it and respect that. We wouldn't think your whole closet is going to be full of Bigfoot Kick apparel. We hope you rock a tee-shirt, a hoodie, maybe a hat or two. Ok, maybe three or four. Ok, the point is, our customers should know that your purchase is more than just wearing a funky design. It's more than being wrapped in buttery soft comfort and top-notch stitching. It's more than being cool and the envy of all your lackluster-wardrobe friends.

It's about sending a signal that you care about the world and all of its inhabitants and you're committed, along with us, to helping out in any way you can.

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