Into the Dark Hoodie Launch - Bigfoot Kick

Into the Dark Hoodie Launch

The dark plays tricks on you.

It will make a completely rational, well-mannered, confident person a little shaky. Your eyesight is stripped away. It's like peering into the deep, not really knowing if the end is a mile or an inch away. It's unnerving. Unsettling. 

It will put you on edge, your mind conjuring up all sorts of horror storylines. The smallest shadow looms large. The softest sound booms through your ears. Oh the tricks your mind plays. There in the dark. And in the dark, if you look long and close enough, you will see it. Nope, Closer. Closer.

The eyes.

Staring. Right. Back. At. You.

That's the inspiration for the Bigfoot Kick Into the Dark Hoodie - a jaw-dropping wardrobe upgrade that imagines what it would be like after the campfire goes out. Alone in the wilderness, staring deep into the on the wild side beyond the edge of reason.

And suddenly...Bigfoot appears.