Bigfoot Kick SUPIMA Cotton Shirt Drop - Bigfoot Kick

Bigfoot Kick SUPIMA Cotton Shirt Drop

We're excited to introduce our Bigfoot Kick SUPIMA Cotton t-shirt, a 6 ounce, finely fitted addition to our wild style clothing line.

Let's dive a little deeper into the making of this bad boy, shall we?


Colors, Design, and Graphic Print

We chose natural with an earthy green that screams walking into the wilderness for a chance encounter with Bigfoot throwing some tiger punches and chopping up wood with righteous roundhouses. The cotton shirt features a bold, oversized print on the front, with the signature Bigfoot Kick logo capturing all onlookers in its gaze. The logo was designed by Nathan Walker at All The Pretty Colors and printed in Charlotte, North Carolina at Macfly  - giving this small-batch run a unique hand-crafted feel. We chose Macfly for the printing not only because of the personalized quality and passion they put into every garment - but because they're on a mission to affect social change in local and global communities by focusing on economic empowerment and addressing diversity in creative professions.
Bigfoot Kick shirts stacked with graphic print
It's more than making a shirt for us. It's making intentional choices that support an infrastructure that creates change. Builds communities. Wealth. That touches the human side of fashion while supporting other small businesses like us. Looking fly with some dope gear is just the by-product.

Ok, so what's this shirt made from? There's an overload of materials to choose from when manufacturing a shirt. For our line of premium tailored shirts - we chose SUPIMA.

Bigfoot Kick Natural SUPIMA Cotton T-Shirt



We wanted a fabric that was grown in America to start. After all, the legend of Bigfoot has its roots in North American folklore. This line is essentially an origin story of sorts.

But let's face it. SUPIMA is just better.

Softer. Stronger. And it produces more vibrant colors. It's the best of the best, grown organically in California, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona on roughly 500 family-owned farms passed down from generation to generation.

Oh, and final point - it's rare. SUPIMA makes up less than 1% of the cotton grown in the world. And we like rare. Like our namesake character - it's elusive, special, and seeing one out in the world is a real treasure.

It's more than just bold, fresh style for you to rock. It's organic, sustainable, and highly-sought-after quality that will have you styled with pride. And every ounce of this shirt carries a purpose. Each sale helps support our mission with 1% for the Planet, a global organization dedicated to helping our planet's ecosystems and wildlife.

It's more than a shirt. It's clothing you can truly believe in.