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Bigfoot Kick x Seemingly Overzealous

Our newest collaboration takes a unique detour to a sweet stop.

Seemingly Overzealous is known for scooping some of the most unique and delicious ice cream in Charlotte—without even mentioning it’s vegan—and is run by two of the most genuinely cool humans around. We partnered with them to drop a rare limited release, crafted from 100% cotton, hand stitched with a sprinkle texture and super fun vibrant print in eye-catching color pops. And yes, it’s a big ice cream cone dropping its top scoop on a big fat purple frog. 


Bigfoot Kick T-Shirt for Seemingly Overzealous


So yea, why a frog and ice cream and what the heck is really going on here? Well, it’s really a story between myself, Garret and Jess (the owners or Seemingly Overzealous), and Euli, a local Charlotte artist who I’ve worked with in the past to bring some cool creatures to life. Bigfoot Kick has a long history of taking wild twists on known and (un)known creatures and selling the absolute crap out of them. I mean yea, we were the brand that dropped an entire Beastland collection in Urban Outfitters. And (dusts shoulders off) we did make Bigfoot to cool to rock as upscaled streetwear. 

So, the joy of being an owner of a brand that shrugs its shoulders at protocol and veers into the crazy wilderness is you get to chase things that you find fun and quirky. So when I came across a photo of a black rain frog randomly, my first message was to Euli. And why Euli? Because the dude smashes art of fat little frogs, duh. He had literally been posting IG sketches of fat little frog creatures so he was in from the giddy up. Now we have a plan cooking. 


The team of Bigfoot Kick and Seemingly Overzealous


Then it dawned on me. This frog looks grumpy af. Like, he’s had a bad day and isn't afraid to let the world know about it. And it made me think, hey…I know a brand that embraces emotions and feelings and wants to drive real conversations about our humanity of a shared scoop (or two) of goodness. It also just so happens Garrett and I had been talking forever about some kind of apparel drop…and so we jumped on the chance to bring this all to life with our friends over at Seemingly Overzealous and a bananas ideas resulted in a sure to be classic in the annals of streetwear history. 

This collection is a limited release and sold exclusively at Seemingly Overzealous, located at Camp North End in Charlotte, NC.