Save the Wild(Life)

Help Us Keep Bigfoot Hidden

Ok, let's talk about Earth. When you get outside and look around, it is a pretty amazing place. It's home to some stunning landscapes and glorious creatures. Most of them are just doing their thing, being animals, minding their own business.  And, here we come along, humans, doing human things, making it harder and harder on for our creatures to live safely in their natural habitats.

So while yes, we sell clothes...we believe there is an opportunity to do more than that. Our planet needs our help and we are here to make a difference. 

Look, we know that no one person or company can change it all but that isn't going to stop us from trying. So we are. We want to see our natural resources protected so that wildlife can thrive. So that Bigfoot can have enough wooded lands and caves to stay out of sight and safe from all your blurry cameras. 

Our Commitment:

1% for the Planet

We’re proud to partner with 1% for the Planet to give a portion of our profits back to protecting the earth and its wildlife.

1% for the Planet is a global organization that connects dollars and doers to accelerate smart environmental giving. Its mission is to inspire commitment and action so that our planet and future generations thrive.  



Suppliers and Sourcing

We're pretty picky about sourcing materials and working with partners that share our values. We take great care in making sure we choose ethical, sustainable suppliers for our garments and produce them in a way that produces the least waste possible. So you'll find recycled and organic garments in our limited runs as well as low-waste embellishments. That means a little more cost at the cart for you, but a lot better outcome for our planet.


Whenever possible, we ship with recycled or compostable mailers to limit the impact on our environment. We're proud to be part of the Eco Packaging Alliance with noissue. 

Eco Packaging Alliance