Our new drop is a recycled cotton shirt killer combo - Bigfoot Kick

Our new drop is a recycled cotton shirt killer combo

It didn’t take long for Bigfoot to go digging in the trash and make a shirt. Like, literally.

Bigfoot Kick is beyond amped to introduce our Remix Kickback Shirt, made from 100% recycled cotton. In fact, made from straight trash. Yarn remnants and waste from US-grown cotton make up this super sustainable shirt while it’s cut, sewn, and finished in beautiful Los Angeles, California. And how is this shirt even possible? Because we scour the earth to find awesome pioneers to print our beloved karate cryptozoid on. This search led us to Everybody.World.


Bigfoot Kick Recycled Shirt in Black

You Need to Buy This Right Now

First things first. This shirt is straight fire. Like, GQ rated fire. Yes. THAT GQ. The Everybody.World trash collection t-shirt was featured in the men’s fashion hub for bringing that eco-friendly fashion heat.

They also crowned it the best eco-friendly black shirt on the market. 

Ok now that we've deemed this certified heat and we’ve already covered how awesome for the planet this shirt is, we’ll dive into the super dope, eco-friendly print on the front. The graphic straight leaps off the cotton featuring our signature font and classic silhouette of Bigfoot firing off a sick roundhouse to the sky. Pressed clean in our “ lagoon” colorway with water-based inks, you’ll break a few necks with the head turns snapping your way. The casualties of looking this fly, we say.

How's it fit?

Besides fresh, soft, and better than anything else in your closet? Relaxed (no, you relax). It fits classic-relaxed with room to get all your moving and shaking done. Like dance moves or tiger uppercuts or simple trips to the fridge. Count. Every. Step! But seriously, if you want a tighter-closer-up-in-the-armpit fit, size one down. 


Kickback Remix Recycled Cotton Shirt in Black

This tee is perfect by itself (with pants or shorts ya freak) or paired with the super dope Faherty Reversible Surplus Bomber. Dark jeans. Some Vans. Or York Athletic Gails. Throw on some Chrome aviators if you just wanna slay. That's still a cool word, right?

And one more little plug. Actually a big plug because this is very important. Every time this shirt gets purchased, we donate to 1% for the Planet to help protect our wildlife. It’s simple. Dope gear. Awesome partners. Wicked-good cause.

Believe in your gear.