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Bigfoot Kick

Bigfoot Kick National Park Tee

Bigfoot Kick National Park Tee

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Bigfoot Kick National Park Tee

Designed in collaboration with Made by Lisa Marie


Rumors of a mythical mountain range have sent swashbucklers, explorers, and rebellious adventurers on a wild hunt in search of the legendary.

Ancestral folk tales passed down through generations speak of three peaks rising above golden orange rivers, where magic runs rampant and strange sightings appear before your very eyes.

But it's not treasure, or artifacts, or the fountain of youth they seek. It's something more elusive. More precious. More fulfilling. 

It's said in this hidden landscape that you find...yourself. Your dreams. Your passions. You discover the heart of your journey against all odds.

The legendary land is Bigfoot Kick National Park...and the spoken descriptions of its majesty passed down through generations has been captured on this super-soft eco-hybrid tee.   


Details and Fit


  • Regular fit with a tailored drape
  • Lightweight 4.3 oz
  • 50% Combed Cotton | 50 % Lenzing Modal
  • Moisture-wicking and stretchy 
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