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Bigfoot’s Musings on Earth Day

Earth Day is coming. So it’s a special day and month for Bigfoot Kick. Partly because I am getting can’t-hardly-contain-it any longer excited about a new collection launch coming on 4.22. It’s going to be wild but I can’t quite spoil things yet. 

So as we prep for that, I wanted to touch on a few focal points for the brand in the coming years that relate to our efforts around making a better planet for all.

Bigfoot Kick was started from an idea to combine inspiration from video games, hip-hop, and outdoor cultures. Basically, the things I grew up doing. It was born out of my love for the mythical, the crypto (no-not that crypto, the original Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot believers kind of crypto), and wanting to express the individualistic journeys we take to find our dreams.

It’s born from adventure. From exploration. Of the physical world. Of the mental world. Of the supernatural and mythical world. I’ve always wanted to build a company that did things the best way. The most ethical way. The most fair way. The most sustainable way. And, I’ve found that is pretty flipping hard while not charging you, the customer, super high prices on a brand you barely know yet. 

But it’s a journey. And I’d like to talk about a few steps we’re taking this year and beyond to do more. To do better. 

Expanding our Partnerships

We love our 1% for the Planet membership. It has helped us see so many awesome brands doing cool things around the world. It’s also introduced us to amazing non-profit organizations that are really helping. This year, we’ve made contributions and commitments to the Endangered Species Coalition and have also partnered with Re:wild to help restore the wild. 

This is not because we are some carbon neutral or super sustainable brand (more on how we are trying to be later). This isn’t because we are trying to use some marketing trick to get you to buy. Shoot, I’d rather you just donate to an awesome cause than buy from us if you really didn’t love the designs, the fit, the feel, and the world we’re creating at Bigfoot Kick. 

This is because I grew up wanting to be a zoologist and loving animals and studying their habitats. Because I adored eco-systems and how the planet worked. How things are connected. Because I loved wolverines and Tasmanian devils and geek out on Shark Week. This isn’t a, “hey my brand gives back”. This is because I love this stuff and want to see animals and the world prosper as it was intended. So we’re excited to expand our giving and make sure we deliver on our promise to Keep Bigfoot Hidden. 

More USA Made

It’s not a slogan but rather a commitment. A commitment to produce more of our product here in the United States and North America.

Don’t get me wrong. We love our global partners and citizens. We love the diversity of people and places in the world. This is simply an effort to reduce cycle times, shorten our supply chain, and shrink our overall footprint. 

Let’s just state the facts. A “sustainable” brand is more marketing ploy than reality. Truth is, we all devour resources. We make things. We waste things. We take up space. We pollute. We ship. It all takes a toll. A big, global toll. So we’re committing to doing more, here. More USA made goods. More North American partners. Less fast fashion. More thoughtful. More planned. Just, better.

We won’t be perfect. But we’re examining every aspect of our delivery model from creative inception to production to the moment you open your package. 

So let’s talk about the last piece, shipping and packaging. 

Continued Efforts on Shipping

Man. I love some of these super cool branded boxes. And the cool little packaging. And all the sweet accessories. Every industry consultant will tell you to go big on branded and forget the rest. I’m torn, frankly. One - because I come from advertising and marketing and customer experience. It’s what I’d preach to a client. But, that takes a toll too. On cost. On supplies. On global impact. 

So we’re keeping up with compostable shipping materials. Recycled materials. Finding ways to lower our overall costs and still keep our commitment to the planet. What I am saying is - our packages may not be branded with the dope Bigfoot guy. It may in some circumstances. I just simply can’t guarantee it. We’re going to do what makes sense to keep our cost for you down while minimizing our footprint. 

Oh, and stickers. And cards. I mean, again I am torn. I love that stuff. But it comes at a cost. It requires production and electricity and ink and it arrives on big trucks that throw out fumes into the planet. Bigfoot chokes on that stuff. So sadly, you may see less cool throw-ins. We aren’t going all anti-branding and cool stuff. We are just cutting back and making sure it makes sense from a brand story and customer experience perspective. Not just because it’s cool. We’re already cool enough. You’re already cool enough. I mean, you bought a shirt or hat from a fly brand made from insanely talented artists. 

That’s it. That’s the blog. We’re expanding our non-profit dollar giving. We’re building a roadmap to make more products closer to home. And we’re trying to ship in the most eco-friendly ways while keeping free shipping and costs down for you. 

See you all on Earth Day.