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Campfire Chat: Exploring the Wild with Made by Lisa Marie

Bigfoot Kick partnered with Made by Lisa Marie to explore the wild for our Fall / Winter 2021 collection. Lisa is a well-known and prolific artist, having been tapped by major apparel brands like Patagonia and Carthartt. We were beyond thrilled at the opportunity to work with a true master in their craft and produce some outstanding work that goes beyond soft and durable clothes.


Artist Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie


As 1% for the Planet Members, we wanted to lend our help to protect one of our favorite animals - the wolf - by creating inspired apparel that supported the Endangered Species Coalition. And there was no better person to bring this to life other than Lisa and her signature style.

So, let's put the spotlight on our featured artist and bring you inside the mind and life of the amazing Lisa Marie: 


You like to get out and explore. In all your travels…have you ever seen anything you couldn’t explain? You know, any encounters with a creature not quite documented by science?

If I tell you, I’d have to kill you ;) and we don’t want that. 


We value our life, so we won't press the issue. Ok so BFK is a brand that blends urban and outdoor vibes. You live in a big city but also love traveling and connecting to nature. How do you find balance in both?

I’m someone that loves jumping into new experiences. It’s very stimulating and charges my creative energy. So I actually really love bouncing back and forth between exploring new shops and hidden gems in the city and going for a hike in the mountains or sailing in the ocean. I think the contrast helps me not stay stagnant and keeps me inspired.


Let's talk about that inspiration...what is your favorite place that you have drawn from your travels?

I’m actually about to start an oil painting of a cafe in Paris that I’m really excited about. Paris is one of my favorite cities. I also have a watercolor painting I did from a hotel balcony in Zermatt, Switzerland of the Matterhorn. It was absolutely dreamy and surreal to wake up to a view of the Matterhorn filling the sky right in front of you so I had to take an hour or two to just sit and paint it.


Made by Lisa Marie

::Buys Ticket to Switzerland:: Now that you got us wanting to visit the Matterhorn, we were initially drawn to your work because we’re 1% for the Planet members and wanted to work with someone who could capture the outdoors. Is there any particular park or animal or outdoor cause that is special to you?

I love Olympic National Park! It’s so odd and feels like you’re walking through a Dr Seuss book. I spent a night camping at La Push second beach and it was unforgettable. The rock formations coming out of the water have trees and moss growing on them and every time the tide goes out the beach is filled with crabs and all sorts of creatures and seaweed. I’ve never been anywhere else quite like it. I also love that it’s the only rainforest in North America. Im a huge animal person so its hard to pick a favorite, but I really love bears. I dont have one favorite outdoor cause in particular, but I would say everything that works towards cleaning up the lands and saving animals is always close to my heart.


That sounds amazing and so cool that saving animals is close to your heart. Ok, so something that is close to our was working on this project with us? Anything that stands out in the work or process you’d like to share?

It was fun! I really like your brand colors, so it was fun using those to work with. Also, the line mountain art one really felt like something that is completely my style and I was so excited to be able to put it on a shirt. Im grateful I was given a lot of creative liberty to just sort of run with the designs! That always makes it way more fun :)


National Park Tee by Made by Lisa Marie

National Park Tee

You’ve had a lot of success, working with big brands on all types of projects. What does it feel like to see your work out in the world? On walls, in books, and to have people wear it? 

It’s always pretty crazy to see my work “out in the real world.” I actually just had a friend that lives in another state text me a photo of this lady that was wearing one of the T shirts I designed in the grocery store parking lot. That stuff totally makes my day!


Was there a breakthrough moment for you in your journey? A time that stood out, a big break, or a project that took you to that next level?

Hmm… I feel like there’s been certain milestones over the course of my career that have felt like things went to the "next step". I would say the last 2 years or so have felt way different than the 4-5 years prior. I’m extremely grateful for where I’m at. Last year, I started working with Adobe which felt pretty surreal to be teaching other illustrators and designers on Adobe's platform. That definitely felt like a breakthrough. I would also say a lot of the brands I’ve worked with over the last two years have been some dream clients, like working with Patagonia, Kawasaki, The Chicago Bears, PNC Bank and Carhartt.


How do you keep your work fresh? How do you approach each new project with new eyes and possibilities?

I feel like I’m naturally pretty curious and also get bored with doing the same thing for too long. So I kind of naturally gravitate towards experimenting with my style on a regular basis. Whether it’s trying a new color palette, learning a new skill I have no clue about how to do, or taking inspiration from things I like, such as old church windows or neon signs. I also love going for a run if I feel like I’m in a creative block—it helps me get out of my head and come back to my work with new eyes.


Wolf Hats

As a woman-owned business, what advice would you give to any women looking to make the leap? Are there any good resources you turned to or suggest for up-and-coming entrepreneurs? 

I’m not really sure I think about it through just the lens of being a woman, but I have a lot of young men and women artists that reach out to me for help on a regular basis asking how they can go full-time freelance. I really emphasize hard work and financial stability with a longterm strategy. I always recommend having a full-time job that pays well (it can be a graphic design job or something else, you just need something stable and that pays decently). Then I encourage them to use their nights and weekends to work on freelance work—whether thats actually working on client gigs or if they are just starting and dont yet have clients then building their portfolio and creating the stuff they want to get hired for. They should treat this like a a job and take it very seriously. Donslack or just put in a few hours a week, you wont see any results. Youll be working a lot, but this is how you break the barrier and give yourself financial stability while also exploring the freelance world, learning how to get clients, learning all of the business side (pricing, taxes, legal stuff, organization, marketing, etc). This is also where you should work out the kinks and see whats working and whats not. Usually, you will stay in this flow of working a full time job and freelancing nights and weekends for about a a year and a half to 2 years before you can jump into full time freelance. There really is no easy way or quick route. Hoodzpah Design made a good resource called "Freelance, and Business and Stuff that goes over the business side of freelance. I think you can order it on their website!


Alright, switching gears completely...we read that you’re into hip hop right…what’s on your playlist right now?

Its always changing but I like Drake, Chance the Rapper, Smino, Lauryn Hill, Peter CottonTale, Kanye, Lecrae., Andre 3000, A$AP Rocky and a lot of 90’s hip hop throwbacks. 


You really can't go wrong with that list. Ok, we'll get you out of here with this last question...settle the debate from inside the Windy City: Lou Malnati’s or Giordano’s?

Lou Malnati’s full speed. Giordano’s wouldn’t actually even be my second choice. Pequods is probably second.


Made by Lisa Marie