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Wild Contribution: Giving Back to the Planet

Bigfoot Kick joined 1% for the Planet from the get-go, pledging to donate 1% of our sales to help Keep Bigfoot Hidden. It's part of our ongoing commitment to protect the earth's natural resources, save vital forests and other natural habitats, and help support the diversity of life that inhabits our globe. And yes, that goes for identified and known creatures as well as, you guessed it - mythical ones. Hey, the big guy needs plenty of space to roam and hide from your blurry iPhone shots.

Our summer collection focused on donating to Re: Wild, a global non-profit helping to restore biodiversity. You see, biodiversity is key in combating the effects of climate change, helping stave off extinction, and curb the impact of pandemics. From birds to toads to fungi, Re: Wild works with over 400 partners in 88 countries to keep the wild, well, wild. Its efforts have protected and conserved more than 180 million acres benefitting more than 16,000 species.


Bigfoot Kick Keep Bigfoot Hidden Tee

We worked with the team at Mad Goat Studio, based in Charlotte and New York, to create the design brought to life by Deluxe Screen Printing in Los Angeles to make the anchor of our summer pledge - the Keep Bigfoot Hidden Tee. Printed with eco-friendly inks on super soft cotton, the purpose behind the apparel was simple - let's protect our wildlands and keep rich, dense natural habitats intact for creatures to thrive in peace.

We're so thankful for our fans and customers who believe in us, believe in our cause, and help support the wonderful organizations we emphasize for our collections. And every bit counts. Each dollar invested into Re: Wild's efforts help contribute over $100 in environmental benefits. So rock your gear proud and know you've made a difference.

That earns a big thumbs up from Bigfoot himself.