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Bigfoot Kick National Park Tee

Peripheral vision can be a godsend.

Picture yourself persuing through a sea of books at your local bookstore, title after title flying at you in a dizzying cocktail of choice. When all of a sudden, from that wide-angle blurry view from the lower quadrant of your peepers, a book reaches up, gently taps your chin, and pulls you down to its level.

That is pretty much what happened to me when I stumbled upon the Lost City of the Monkey God.

I was immediately drawn in and captivated by the title alone, but after reading the summary I was hooked. I marched to the register, wallet out, and began to transport myself to the lush jungles in search of a magical place.

After the Monkey God, I read the Lost City of Z. I read articles about Atlantis. I watched documentaries about forbidden and legendary cities. I was all in. Let's find all the magical, mythical worlds on the planet.

These forsaken places, long gone and mostly forgotten save for oral traditions and vague rumors, set the backdrop for the creation of the Bigfoot National Park tee. Mixing the outdoors and wild adventure with a bit of folklore creates a mysterious realm - deep in the foggy forests uncharted on any map and unreachable by any GPS. Towering snow-ash peaks are adorned by golden rivers where the sun bleeds orange across the landscape.


Woman wearing Bigfoot National Park Tee


Legend tells of a robust ecosystem with undocumented floral and fauna and thriving wildlife widely considered extinct. The more fanciful rumors detail an even more shocking revelation - the hidden home of the famous Bigfoot and his wild style dojo - a sacred temple where they train in the way of the Wild Fist. The Bigfoot National Park tee was designed in collaboration by the renowned artist Made by Lisa Marie, and represents the best effort to date to document generations of oral lore passed down.

The soft tshirt also helps protect wildlife and natural resources around the planet by donating 1% of sales to 1% for the Planet.