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Into the Wild: The Real Life Story of the Goodr x Bigfoot Kick Creamsicle Heist Sunglasses

The sun was bothering me.

You see, I picked up running sometime in 2020. Not because I wanted to. Not because I had the body for it. Not because it seemed great. Quite the opposite. I hated running. As an idea. As a sport. It was never for me. Basketball yes. Flag football? Duh.

But here I was, fresh off the holiday season and way too many cakes, cookies, and winter ales later. Naturally, I needed to get in gear. I needed something to shake off the calories and lethargy, so I hit the gym...and I was starting to form some good habits.

Then everything shut down. Stupid COVID.

So, I bought some running shoes and hit the outdoor trails. The greenways. The lakes. The open road, baby. I was forced into running. And it was starting to go pretty well.


Goodr Bigfoot Kick Sunglasses


Ok, let me back up a second. This story actually begins a little further back in 2019. You see...sleep and I have never been on good terms. It takes me forever to fall asleep. I wake up constantly and can't shut my mind off. So in a night of desperation, sometime in the waking hours of ghosts and goblins, I rolled over and downloaded the Headspace app. I then began a journey of learning how to better prepare my body and mind for sleep. Little tricks throughout the day. Breathing exercises to wind down. Visualizations to carry me away. And wonderful dreamcasts that eased my ever whirring mind.

After a while, I started looking for other uses for Headspace and that led me to some wonderful running routines with the Nike Run Club app since I couldn't go to a gym. So here I was, a non-runner, a hater of jogging, throwing in my headphones with the world shut down around me, listening to Coach Bennett and Andy Puddicombe talk away.

And the miles started to add up.

And more miles.

And then speed.

And then fitness.

And suddenly, out of nowhere, I was a runner. And not just a reluctant runner, but a bonafide, fit, enjoyer of running. I was a speed interval runner. I bought some sweet Rhone and Ten Thousand shorts. Some District Vision shirts. Oh, and a knee brace (torn ACL, baby).


Goodr Sunglasses

I needed only one other thing to complete my gear - some sunglasses to protect my poor peepers from the hot spotlight glaring down on me from over the trees of the greenway. Remember, the sun was bothering me. So I naturally turned where anyone would. Good ol' mom.

Christmas was coming up and I handed in my list - and on that list was a pair of sunglasses I read about in my research. The Electric Dinotopia to be exact, from Goodr. But mom, being the best mom ever to an up-and-coming runner, didn't wait until the holiday and copped a pair of the Batman Goodrs for her son. Thanks, mom. Thanks, Batman.

Ok, let me fast forward some. So I started a company and now I was a runner and a Headspace listener and I only wanted to do dope things and work with cool people and companies so I wrote down some goals. One of my first goals - I wanted my own pair of Goodrs. I wanted to work with an energetic company that had a stellar product that also was doing great marketing. I wanted to bring a product to market under the Bigfoot Kick brand that was personal to me. A real-life accessory that I use and love every day.

So I reached out to Goodr and the Creamsicle Heist sunglasses were born. And Goodr's great to work with. And the glasses are dope. No slip. No bounce. All drip.

So from my journey to yours, I hope you buy and like them and use them for wherever life takes you. Whether it's running, hiking, biking, or hitting the brewery and just want to keep your eyes protected.


Rebellious Adventure Bigfoot Kick


So go live your rebellious adventure. And look super fly doing it.