Cheers to Father's Day - Bigfoot Kick

Cheers to Father's Day

Dads are an interesting lot.

They can be painfully embarrassing, like meeting your friends with knee-high mismatched tube socks trying to sound hip. Or, writing sticky note reminders to pick you and your girlfriend up from the theater, only misspelling the names causing all kinds of trouble.

They can also be your clutch go-to, like picking you up late from football practice after they've worked all day. They also carry pictures in their wallets and hang photos of your accomplishments in their offices.

What a spectrum.

And, there are all kinds of dads too. Traditional family dads. Single dads. Blended family dads. Girl dads. When we get right down to it, being a dad isn't about being biologically human per se, either. We have dog dags, cat dads, or simply the wise sage giving advice to the next generation, steering them in the way they should go. Coaches, teachers, and close friends can all fulfill a dad role in some ways. You know, showing unbridled care and unconstrained love for another living being. That's what being a dad is all about.

Sacrifice. Care. Devotion. Direction.

Yea, and a little embarrassing sometimes.

So cheers to the dads. All of them. And here's to doing our part this year to help them stay fresh in 2021. You know, a little "return the favor" to the dear old dads in our lives, whatever the role they may play. Whether they already have style and just need some new t-shirt love, or they need some serious style help - we got you covered with our special Father's Day Sale collection.